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Simplified Chinese Radicals List - Free Printable Reference

A stylish one page self-printable simplified radicals list ordered by stroke order.

New in Version 6

  • Added in 户 and made 戶 a variant
  • Removed duplicate 石
  • Added 攵
  • Split 西 and 覀 up
  • Edited a few English definitions


This document is distributed under a Creative Commons licence. You are free to download, print, remix, tweak and redistribute this document so long as you attribute us and do not sell it.

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA


  • Based upon the CASS 189/POCD 188 simplified system that includes 其 and 业, both of which are not present in the Kangxi system.
  • Certain Kangxi radicals that do not exist in the CASS list have been retained, such as 生 and 牙.
  • Ordered by stroke-order. In most cases the stroke count of the most common form is used to dictate list position. For example, 食 is placed with 3-stroke radicals, since it’s most comon form, 饣, consists of three strokes.
  • Radical variations have been grouped together – for example, 覀 and 西, 己,已 and 巳.
  • Radicals that are classed as variants in the Kangxi System have been shaded in grey.
  • Pinyin pronunciation has been added to each radical, however since the single-character pronunciation for a lot of radicals is not commonly known, it’s better to refer to them by colloquial name.

Check out our post on for more info about this list.